Dick of the Week: Nov 22-28 Derek Jeter

30 Nov

Now, I know what you all must be thinking sitting at your computers, “Derek Jeter? Just a week?  I could see you guys doing a Hall of Fame Entry.”  I understand your concerns, but contrary to popular (?) opinion we don’t HATE Derek Jeter.  We have been known to take notice of people who flaunt their status and money for undeserved attention, but, as much as it pains me to say it, Jeter doesn’t do that as much as the average celebrity.  He has done a lot to help the Yankees become that hated power in baseball that we love to chastise.  But, he has a career batting average of  .314 and played a played an adequate shortstop on a team that has won 5 world titles during his tenure.  He will most likely be the second to last single digit uniform number retired by the franchise.  There is nothing to sneeze at there.  He also has the knack for living the good life as “The Captain.”  His list of girlfriends is rather impressive and would lend most people to hate.  Any man who can lay claim to Jessica Alba and Mariah Carey deserves some..jealousy..hate…respect.  Hateful jealous respect.

Poor Guy Finally Settled Down

We will not classify this as dickish because we only wish we could pull off something like this had we the tools to do so.  HOWEVER,  Derek Jeter is the dick of the week, and I will tell you why.  Derek Jeter has reportedly been in negotiations where he is allegedly arguing over a 3-year 45 million dollar contract that is being offered to him because he wants something in the range of 5 years and possibly around $100 million dollars.  While this may seem a little much, this man has the Yankees all time hit mark and is due to pass 3,000 hits (Though the Yankees rarely keep anyone around long enough to even come close to this mark).  He has also been very clutch in the playoffs, which is where a lot of this talk about aura comes.  The ball always seems to fall right for him, he gets the clutch hit, and makes the clutch play.

Reason 8,000 why baseball needs replay

What you have to realize is while this man is considered to be a living Yankee legend….he isn’t really PLAYING like one.  He put up one of his worst statistical years of his career which saw his average drop to .270 which is 40 points lower than his career average.  He also batted a dismal .250 in a poor post-season, which is usually the time when he’s at his best.  He did win a gold glove as voted on by the managers.  But, and I credit the baseball writers for agreeing on this, no one gave him any praise for it because they felt it was undeserved.  They went as far as to point out that Jeter ranked LAST in a fielding range which calls into question a lot of his ability to play the position at the age of 36.

Less impressive, more lazy

Everyone based the award on his reputation as DEREK JETER and less for his work on the field.  I actually give the Yankees credit for telling him to test the market, because they know no one else will pay him nearly that much.  Getting over 15 million dollars a year playing in professional sports where most careers end by 35 is really fortunate.  And that is why we have no choice but to classify him as our dick of the week.  The man-made over 20 million dollars a year for a long time, but, based his diminished skills and numbers, it is ludicrous for him to be making demands for more money when he clearly doesn’t deserve it.  Such selfish arrogant actions won’t get you into the Baseball Hall of Fame but they will get you notched in as Dick of the Week.

Runner Up:

Steve Johnson of the Buffalo Bills:  First athlete I’ve ever heard blame God for a missed play.  You dropped it, we know you dropped it, just admit it.


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