Dick of the Week: Dec 6-12

12 Dec

Welcome once again to our fun-filled review of people who exhibit phallic personalities. Hooray thesaurus.  Anyway this was an interesting week because we had a lot of palpable dicks and it was really hard to narrow it down.  However, it became very clear it was random house democratic caucus member. For his witty retort to the president’s negotiated tax cut agreement.  Let’s be clear, this was not ‘you lie’ guy, this was a member of the President’s own party being crass enough to curse off the president under his breath.

I think he phased Pelosi more than anything

Now, we are never going to criticize someone for…well criticizing someone.  That would be hypocritical.  You may say anything you like with in reason.  While Representative Wilson’s comments were blunt and more for show, he is in the minority, which means his job is to throw rocks at the majority.  But to criticize your party leader in a caucus (where many law makers get to speak freely) is just a little useless.  We get it.  The President is in a weak position and must make some deals now to assure that he can at least attempt to work with the republicans.  Even economists state that the president is being held hostage and had to make concessions to get things like unemployment benefits.  Let’s make this even clearer.  Even political columnists are stating that Obama has little choice but to accept this deal because the republicans can simply wait them out.

Not really a reason to F-and symbol percent pound money sign (F@#$) him.  You don’t need to agree with what he’s doing, because clearly he has trouble agreeing with it.  Our question is why do you have to rub it in?  This useless name calling has no real use in these turbulent times. But it’s easier to try to make noise instead of using your education and influence things for the positive, right?

Look it's scratch and sniff! mmm Loganberry-the sophisticated fruit

Politics will always be a back and forth game of posturing but the last thing we need are politicians turning into cheap forms of television news personalities.  And I find it hard to distinguish between a talking head saying the president might not be the nominee in 2 years and an unidentified congressman telling the president to fuck off during a private meeting. Clearly both parties could use some time to figure out what they are talking about.

Now, because this was an unidentified congressman, I cannot do much more to profile this person for you outside of my disgust for their actions.  So, because we here at dick of the week believe you all deserve so much more from us, I offer you a list of the other people we were considering for this weeks Dick of the Week.

Runner ups:U.S. Department of Education:  Apparently Virginia Tech violated federal campus security law in 2007 during the tragic shooting that took place.  I’m sorry U.S. Department of Education, you were too late in turning in your report about how Virginia Tech was too late in reporting that there was a shooter on the campus.  What’s the clock on that?  Or were you just out of ideas to make yourself relevant?

Albert Haynesworth: Reportedly drunk at team meetings after a string of insubordination and a public fight with his coach was finally suspended for the rest of the season.  I’m just saying, I’d change positions and shut my mouth for 41 million dollars.

This woman: Who has reportedly no choice but to lose weight quickly or die.  She weighs 50 stone.  I’m not really sure what a stone is (I refuse to accept european weight conversions) but it’s apparently enough to keep you from fitting into standard MRI machines.  If the Congress wants to criticize something the president has tried to do;  they might want to focus on his failed attempt to control our nations weight problem.  Shoot 27% of people 18-24 are unable to meet the 26% body fat requirement to join the military.  Blame the president for leaving our military in a state of unreadiness?


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