Happy Charlie Sheen Week

28 Feb

TMZ is currently airing a live feed of Charlie Sheen from his home.  Enjoy.

You’re welcome.

Charlie and Mike Walters.

UPDATE: I’ll be sharing quotes from the feed as it continues.

“I don’t understand what I did wrong. Other than live a life than everyone is jealous from.”

“Chuck hasn’t even had the decency to call me. I don’t know what’s going on.”

“I just don’t know what I did to piss everyone off so much other than hit every mark.”

“If I’m running the show when my star comes in I’m welcoming him with finger sandwiches and massages.”

“I’m CRAZY. Well I’m not crazy, I’m PASSIONATE.”

[responding to why people say he’s crazy:] “I don’t know man, I’m grandiose.”

“I’m just dealing with the truth, somebody debate me on this.”

[on why drugs are okay:] “There are anomalies. That sucks. Good people are taken out and you gotta file that under THAT SUCKS.”

Interviewer: “So you’ve got two Goddesses. You’re sober.”
Charlie: “I’m CLEAN. Sober is an AA word.”

“I created this whole institution of Two and a Half Men.”

“I don’t have burnout in my–in my gearbox. I just have GO.”

[referring to Winnie the Pooh:] “He’s happy, look at him.  Look at that SMILE on his stupid face.”

Not even joking. Winnie the Pooh.

“Are we starting to get this ‘winning’ concept?”

“Not all of this is totally serious. There’s a reason I have MAD SUCCESS in comedy.”

“I’m like so what, I’m an actor, I don’t want to have sore hands.”

“When Goddess looks, brain melts. See, you’re laughing. Funny stuff.”

“I don’t sign contracts I don’t intend on keeping, that’s the America I was raised in.”

“The party ain’t goin’ anywhere.”

“Work on your shorthand, by the way. We’re up against a deadline and you’re like, ‘did you say Cancun or, uh, caboose?'”

“I say blame the studio for giving me this much dough and knowing who they were giving it to.”

Well, that last quote says it all, I think.


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  1. Charlie Sheen Week Wrap-Up « Dick of the Week - March 9, 2011

    […] February 28: Ahem, moving on.  Charlie experiments with his first live stream, spending nearly an hour talking to TMZ “reporter” Mike Walters from the backyard of his home.  More hilarity ensues (which we were kind enough to live-blog). […]

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