Charlie Sheen vs. The Internet

2 Mar

Unless you live under a rock, you are probably aware of the media blitz that Charlie Sheen has been on for the past week or so.  Starting with his rant on Alex Jones’ show, followed by his strongly worded letter to CBS, moving on to his interviews with ABC News, Piers Morgan, and others, further expanding his media empire with a TMZ live feed, and recently culminating with his exciting addition to Twitter (@CharlieSheen, follow it RIGHT NOW), it has been an exciting Charlie Sheen Week for us.  Really, we couldn’t have asked for more (unless Charlie had hijacked the final launch of the space shuttle Discovery and taken it for a joyride–although, if that had happened, we would have just had to end the blog, because, really, where do you go from there?).

But in any case, in honor of Charlie Sheen Week, I thought I would share a few of our favorite internet sites, features, and memes to crop up as a direct result of Charlie Sheen’s festival of crazy.


I Can Haz Rehab: Cats Quote Charlie Sheen

There's a cat for every occasion, we always say.

The Washington Post’s Charlie Sheen Quote Randomizer

This is like a sober acid trip.
— Sheen on winning best actor in a comedy series at the Golden Globes. Jan. 21, 2002
Vanity Fair’s Quote Quiz: Who Said It, Charlie Sheen or Muammar Qaddafi?

2. “…maybe they should let their women and their daughters go out.”
3. “We won’t lose victory from these greasy rats and cats…”
4. “Clearly I have defeated this earthworm with my words—imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists.”

The “Leaked” Two and a Half Men Finale

The Sheen Family Circus (my personal favorite)

Far and away funnier than the real Family Circus. How is that even still a thing?

The Charlie Sheen Disembodied Head Quote Randomizer

"I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen."

Jimmy Kimmel’s Charlie Brown and Charlie Sheen Video

Charlie Sheen Quotes as New Yorker Cartoons (continuing the tradition of turning unfunny things into hilarious things)


Urlesque’s Clean Charlie Sheen Meme


Clearly everyone else on the internet has been enjoying this wild ride as much as we have.  Keep checking Dick of the Week for posts–we’ll have some original content up later today, but this should keep you occupied for a little while.

[clicks quote randomizer again]


UPDATE: An awesome new one has been brought to my attention.

Charlie Sheen vs. Ultimate Warrior Quote Quiz



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