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Mark Halperin

30 Jun

Most people probably missed it, and the media probably won’t cover it because it really isn’t that big of a deal, but the fact remains that Mark Halperin, a TIME political analyst, called President Obama a dick on live television today.

Look Mark. I agree with you. I do. President Obama is kind of a dick a lot of the time. But this is our turf, and we’d appreciate it if you’d back the fuck off. You think you can just stumble your way into the calling people dicks field? We’re professionals, Mark, and we’re not just going to let this shit slide. Don’t try to bust in on our territory again.  And definitely don’t spend the next 20 minutes apologizing like you and the rest of the Morning Joe crew did after your little slip up. It’s embarrassing and degrading to those of us in the field.

We’re on the front lines here, Mark. If you’re going to try to muscle in on our turf, do it like a man.

UPDATE: Mark Halperin has been suspended indefinitely from his analyst role at MSNBC. See Mark? This is what happens when you stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.


Another Keith Olbermann Update

20 Jun

We’ve made no secret of the fact that Keith Olbermann is one of the reasons that this blog was founded.  It’s not even that we hate Keith.  We kind of like him, in what I imagine is the same sort of inexplicable way that old people like small dogs that bark nonstop and pee on the carpet.  Keith reminds us that there will never be a shortage of dicks to write about, and, even better, proves time and again that even if we DID run out of dicks, we could always just write a post a day about him.  When Keith was fired from left MSNBC, we gloated a little.  After all, he was our inaugural Dick of the Week.  And even though we have retired the award, Keith’s achievement is still important.  Did we hope he would be gone forever? Maybe. Did we think he would actually disappear? Sadly, no.

Has Keith let unemployment get to him? You be the judge. (Photo courtesy of WEBN-TV)

In any case, Keith’s new show, creatively named “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” will premier on the Current TV network tonight.  Current TV, you ask?  Despite Keith referring to it as a “start-up” network, this little Al Gore owned station has been around for six years now, and by our estimation is up to perhaps as many as a dozen subscribers!

We were hoping Keith would be off the airwaves for good, but, the way we see it, a show on Current TV might be a fate worse than death.

Of course, the real question remains: if Keith Olbermann rants and no one is tuned in to hear it, does he make a sound?