What is a dick?
A dick is someone who demonstrates an extraordinary amount of dickitude. Dickishness, if you will.  One who demonstrates an unusual knack for being a dick. For dicking others. Really, you know a dick when you see one.

How often do you update?
We try to update as often as possible.  Every week we choose a Dick of the Week (the individual who was the biggest dick that particular week) and a Dick Hall of Famer (a particularly noteworthy dick, chosen from any time in history).  We also intersperse some Midweek Dicks, Everyday Dicks, posts for holidays and special events, and others.

Isn’t this blog a little dickish?
Yes, but we firmly subscribe to the belief that it takes one to know one.  We’re all dicks sometimes.

Why haven’t you written about [X person]?
It’s entirely possible that we just haven’t gotten to them yet.  There are a LOT of dicks out there, so please don’t bother suggesting people to us.  Trust me, we have a list that could keep us busy for years.

Has anyone you’ve written about ever contacted you?
Yes, we have been contacted by one of our targets.  In the interest of protecting their privacy, we won’t tell you who it was.  But they were very cool about it, and I think we all came away enjoying the exchange.

How long are you going to keep this up?
As long as possible.  Really, until someone sees it and offers us a paid writing job.  Until that happens, we’ll keep blowing off steam in the best way we know how.

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